The latest hot topic in disclosure reporting obligations is the increased scrutiny of potentially harmful tax structures by governing bodies. The DAC6 Directive obligates both taxpayers and intermediaries to be increasingly transparent with their tax planning practices and with other potential tax beneficial "arrangements". With the “go-live” date of 1 July 2020 (awaiting approval from the European Parliament for a six month delay) fast approaching, and a requirement to catalog all DAC6 related arrangements from June 2018, it is vital now more than ever to have a clear idea of what your compliance process for DAC6 reporting should look like.

At Taxtimbre, we have designed an end-to-end process to streamline, harmonize, and maintain oversight on all filings that would be relevant to your organisation. Through a cooperative approach, this process enables you to dictate your own narrative within the DAC6 framework of mandatory disclosures. 

Our solutions are all built around a workflow specifically designed to capture this process, and collate data in the right manner and the right format, resulting in a file that is ready (converted into XML) to be submitted to the authorities.

If necessary, our solutions can also be modified as per your requirements, while we are also capable of translating our process into the software of your choice. For a demo of our DAC6 solution, please contact us to schedule a session, where we will walk you through our design process and logic.


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