Tax Integrity Reporting Event

How do you harness the capability of technology to manage your fiscal matters? Today, tax authorities are operating globally and have unprecedented access to company information.

How data will be collected, presented and analysed will have a significant influence on how effectively a company will journey through a tax audit in the future. Given the exchange of information between regulators, organizations must be prepared to face dialogue with tax authorities focussed at dealing with the gaps and inconsistencies that might arise as a result of the exchange.

In future, businesses will be scrutinized more by watchdog organisations than tax authorities, making reputation management a permanent fixture. All things considered, robust transparency readiness will ensure that tax data can be sourced and presented in an effective, efficient and clear manner.

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Tax Integrity Reporting @Supernova Utrecht
The event will take place in Supernova at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht


During the event, Tax Technology vendors will exhibit their solutions at the technology market. This technology market will take place during the welcome drinks, the coffee break, and the beer tasting:


Dr. Thomas Eisgruber

Do you know how to efficiently deal with multiple cross border joint tax audits at the same time? Are you certain on the outcome of such a tax audit? Do you wonder how much time and resources your company and the tax authorities will need to spend to get to a satisfactory result? Interested in understanding how Tax Authorities are working cooperatively in a new and more efficient way when operating in a cross border joint tax audit? 


We are proud to announce that Dr. Thomas Eisgruber will share his thoughts and expertise on this topic. 

Dr. Thomas Eisgruber, is an expert on multiple joint tax audits and advises the OECD and EU on many cross border collaboration issues. He is the Head of the International Tax Center in Germany, which has developed a new working platform for cross border joint tax audits. The International Tax Center has also hosted International Tax Audit Forums in 2014, 2016 and 2018.  

Fiona Beijdorff
Fiona, in her role as Director Corporate Finance & Tax at Atradius, was one of the early pioneers in automating tax accounting and reporting in Oracle's HTP.


She will be sharing her experience from the trenches, focusing on the collaboration with Finance and IT. Her story will serve as a reality check on what works well, and the pain of learning what to do differently. In light of this, Fiona will also consider the increased level of financial reporting of taxes; do tax authorities really understand the practicality of their reporting standards.

Heleen Joman-Dijkhuizen
It’s a well-known fact that the information gap between taxpayer and tax authorities is rapidly narrowing; The future is global businesses talking to globalised tax authorities. With the International Compliance Assurance Programme (ICAP) showing positive results, increased joint audits, and the results of country-by-country reporting starting to develop a cogent shape, redefining the dialogue upfront brings early tax certainty, reducing hours spent on “fault finding”.


Heleen, Client Coordinator for Large Corporations at the Dutch Tax Authorities, shares what tax transparency means from a tax authority perspective, and how to look at the “results” from the different sources of tax filings.

Monique van Herksen
Monique is considered a leading figure in the world of International Tax and Transfer Pricing. Building on transfer pricing practice spanning the greater part of 30 years, Monique’s wisdom and depth of knowledge in the area of tax transparency has been a boon to the discipline, building practices for multiple law firms, and advising major companies on their reporting strategy. Monique’s experience is also relied upon by the United Nations, where she serves as a transfer pricing expert on the Tax Committee and assists the United Nations’ Financing for Development Office with training materials for tax authorities in developing countries and trains tax inspectors for organisations such as the Inter-American Center of Tax administrations (CIAT) and the African Tax Authorities Forum (ATAF).


As our keynote speaker, Monique will reflect upon what it means to be in the Public Eye: how does tax transparency drive reputation and liability management, both at a corporate and personal level? Make sure you don’t miss a cracker of an opening session at the Tax Integrity Reporting Event!

Ronald Eikelenboom
With a wealth of experience cultivated in 5 markets across 3 continents, Ronald is an ideal example of a modern CFO, integrating functions and competencies across Finance, IT, and Compliance. Ronald’s approach to his goal of value creation and process refinement is to always search for innovative products and solutions which will minimize waste, and help his company realize potential.


In an interview session on The Internal Corporate Agenda, Ronald will highlight what avenues he has explored, in his capacity as the CFO of LELY, to maintain a balance while also building effective bridges between the different functions under his charge.

Joost Hoebink
Joost will be our “Il conduttore” for the day. 


With roots firmly embedded in journalism, Joost also has the perfect stage persona to lead debates, interview speakers, and host talking panels. Joost takes to the stage more than 100 times a year, but his aim remains the same: capture a robust message and engage with the audience.


Location | Supernova, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
Date | 21 June 2019
Time | 13:00 - 18:30
Parking | Free of cost

Let’s discuss together how our world is evolving and our role, as tax and finance, in this change. Interested to see how tax technology can help you remain in control of your company information?

Come see us in Utrecht in June!