Smart Transfer Pricing Solutions

We are passionate about finding solutions for direct taxes. Our commitment is to reduce the workload of people, improve regulatory reporting compliance, as well as improve the robustness of companies’ business models.

At Taxtimbre, we truly understand the different elements of tax and automation, and seek to bridge the gap between tax, finance and IT. With an open mind and a pragmatic approach, and by selecting and implementing the right software, we help you meet your tax and transfer pricing reporting requirements.

Tax Service

We advise multinationals on a variety of tax and transfer pricing topics: from DAC6 and Country-by-Country Reporting to setting practical guidance on meeting substance requirements, or the drafting of pricing policies. We manage global documentation (including benchmarking) across more than 80 countries with local tax experts. The scope of our advisory services also includes Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) and defending complex transfer pricing audits. The details of our services are set out in “What We Do”.


Your tax team should not waste valuable time on recurring and mundane tasks. Automating your tax processes reduces the workload, improves regulatory compliance and supports factual decision making. This enables your team to move activities up the tax value chain. We partner with a number of global software vendors to get the right fit for your business. This is explained in detail under “Tax:Digital”.

About Taxtimbre

At the core of our DNA is “timbre”. Timbre is all about the quality and uniqueness of sound. Just like a good melody requires a careful combination of instruments and vocals, every individual professional has his or her own unique specialization and contribution to make to a project. The slightest tweak in just one of the sounds can result in a very different outcome.

Our team and partners are built up of tax professionals with extensive experience in transfer pricing, Finance and technology, including industry and Big Four experience. We focus on global software solutions which are most likely already available within a company and, although they may start out only being used for one tax application, can be adapted for other tax processes at a later stage. To achieve this, we tap into the in-depth technology know-how of our software partners, combined with our expertise in workflow design and process management, resulting in a solution tuned to your pitch.

Main Contacts

What does the future hold?

At Taxtimbre, we also work with software consultants to think about how we can harness the capability of technology to manage your fiscal matters. Today, tax authorities are operating globally and have unprecedented access to company information. Tax authorities are connecting globally through initiatives like the Inclusive Framework, MLI, AEOI, MCAA, Tax Inspectors without borders, as well as sharing best practices around technology tools to combat falsification and tax invisibility. We are all confronted with an unprecedented increase in financial disclosure required through new regulation: (CbCR/ICAP), Aggressive tax structures (DAC6), Beneficial ownership (DAC5), Master File, Local File, SAFT, SII, the OECD Pillar one and two, and so it continues.

How data will be collected, presented and analysed will have a significant influence on how effectively a company will journey through a tax audit in the future. Given the exchange of information between regulators, organizations must be prepared to face dialogue with tax authorities focused at dealing with the gaps and inconsistencies that might arise as a result of the exchange.

In future, businesses will be scrutinized more by watchdog organisations than tax authorities, making reputation management a permanent fixture. All things considered, robust transparency readiness will ensure that tax data can be sourced and presented in an effective, efficient and clear manner.

The challenge for us is: how do we meet the increasing threshold of the compulsory transparency reporting requirements, as well as manage the resource and costs constraints which are a reality of everyday? We share our thoughts on this under “Tax:Digital”.


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