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Transfer Pricing Consulting and Automation

We appreciate that you do not want your profits to be taxed twice, or even more. Or your tax team to waste resources on time-consuming, recurring, mundane compliance tasks, distracting them from the most crucial role they have: bridging the strategic and operational questions from business and finance to a Transfer Pricing and/or tax regulatory context.

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We are passionate about finding solutions for transfer pricing. Our team understands the drivers and architecture of business models and how this translates to transfer pricing. One cannot ignore the increasing complexity of the intersection between Business, Finance and Tax and our commitment is to reduce the workload of people, improve regulatory compliance, as well as improve the robustness of companies’ business models.

We help you by embedding your transfer pricing models within your company’s governance, processes and technological environment. Our team is built up of transfer pricing  professionals with extensive experience, including industry and Big Four experience. 

At the core of our DNA is “timbre”. Timbre is all about the quality and uniqueness of sound. Just like a good melody requires a careful combination of instruments and vocals, every individual professional has his or her own, unique specialization and contribution to make to a project. The slightest tweak in just one of the sounds can result in a very different outcome.

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Monica Erasmus-Koen
Partner Transfer Pricing
06 20 40 88 38
Benno van Ingen
Partner Performance Management Solutions
06 10 84 79

We are a full-service Transfer Pricing team, and welcome your most challenging Transfer Pricing, IT, supply chain and compliance questions. We listen well and speak freely, and have the flexibility and tools to prove our solutions.

Transfer pricing documentation
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We sincerely believe that simplicity works. Simplicity improves performance and increases the agility of the team. Our transfer pricing documentation support stretches from managing global transfer pricing documentation projects (in an automated, or traditional way) with our independent international transfer pricing network, to the pure licensing of our own tool: TPThings.

TPThings creates and manages master files, local files and intercompany agreements. To learn more watch our introductory video below. Please feel welcome to contact us to see a demonstration of the tool, have a conversation about your vendor selection process, or simply talk about TPThings functionalities!

The Core functionality of TPThings:

Smart Docs - One version in the cloud: 

A SAAS solution in the cloud, where users log in and always work in the correct version of your TP documents. Users are notified of their tasks by automatic email notifications.

Modular build up of documents: 

By creating and using a number of modular templates, TP documents are harmonized in terms of consistency and coherency of the business model. This eliminates copy and paste of different chapters/sections from previous reports to create new reports.

Tailored Workflows: 

Configuration and set-up of tailor-made digital workflows to streamline the TP documentation cycle – including notifications and up-to-date view of progress.

Audit history: 

A private blockchain tamper-proof audit trail of tasks, version control, review of changes, and uploaded documents used to prepare or substantiate the relevant TP documentation for a relevant tax year.

Identification & Access Management:

The tool provides complete control over clearly divided roles and responsibilities between both the central and local teams, as well as the internal and external teams.


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Our team can assist irrespective of whether the benchmark is for your company, or as a service to your firm under your own brand.

With benchmarking, we search through third-party databases containing company data (including financial fundamentals) for independent companies performing similar functions, and in similar markets as the company being researched. The idea is to identify a reasonably large sample of comparable companies, to statistically create a range of comparable results for the transaction that is being researched.

Although, the general theory around benchmarking is pretty simple, practice often proves that it is not that straightforward. Our experts can help you not only with performing the benchmarks, but also with putting them in context and identifying any particularities that should be taken into account.


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Country-by-Country reporting
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Governments around the globe demand more transparency and information from multinational companies, increasing the risk of controversy. Country-by-country reporting requires a robust collection of relevant data in a consistent format across the international group. The reality is that companies battle with diverse ERP systems, data formats, and collecting structured and unstructured data. 

We are software solution agnostic and can guide and support you through the design and implementation of a suitable solution within your own ERP environment, or with the vendor selection of an add-on solution.

As a final step, we can prepare accurate XML Country-by-County reports for submission to the relevant tax authorities. 


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Operational transfer pricing Cost pools and recharges
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Automation significantly reduces manual activities and the quality of data. 

We leverage without bias on the technology available in the market, we further refine existing solutions, or we create our own. Through our products and those of our business partners, we embrace the future of tax technology. There are a number of software solutions for cost pools (including management fees) and recharges, as well as the monitoring and control of the transfer pricing of products, services and intangibles.

Even though we talk about taxes, we approach operational transfer pricing as the automation of a business process. Thus, it is always good to digitize the workflows between finance and tax departments. The technology readiness of the company determines whether a partial or complete automation of the transfer pricing process from data extraction on a transactional level to reporting and dashboarding makes sense. We can assist you with that determination and transformation.


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