Automation with Taxtimbre: Telling Your Own Story

In the following video, we talk you through the design philosophy behind the automation of Transfer Pricing Documentation and DAC6 Reporting under the EU Directive on Mandatory Disclosure. 

The Transfer Pricing solution is designed to control your organization's global narrative, with the story and language controlled from a central perspective, while enabling local users to capture relevant data points that provide the appropriate context from a local point of view. This approach enables consistency across your global documentation, while still allowing for local files to comply with local requirements.

From a corporate perspective, DAC6 Reporting should be treated as a management process designed to create a coherent narrative across all filings that affect your position. Our solution ensures control of the process so you can tell your own story in a concise and coherent manner.

Both these designs are briefly demonstrated in the video, as implemented in Vena®.


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