A sneak peek at Taxtimbre's TP Documentation solution in Workiva

At Taxtimbre we believe in two principles when it comes to automation:

  • Being software-agnostic, so we can find the right solution for your problem 
  • Implementing software with multiple applications, not just single point solutions, so we can deal with as many tax process pain points as possible.

Our software-agnostic approach means that we have the freedom to recognize when the functionality of one software rises above the norm in a specific area. We have configured transfer pricing documentation in a number of software solutions, but Workiva excels in simplifying complex work.

With respect to a multiple application approach, Workiva simplifies the transfer pricing report assembly process by allowing you to centralize and automate all transfer pricing reporting data, processing and document production into one integrated platform.

Our webinar is specifically aimed at giving the tax community the opportunity to experience what the Workiva transfer pricing documentation configuration looks like.

How do we go about automating TP Documentation?

We have all learned that the best way to approach automation is to look broadly at what is available in the market, but most of all to understand how the solutions differ from one another. Our webinar is aimed at helping you understand how to achieve global standardization of transfer pricing documentation with the Workiva platform.

Even though you might already make use of a software solution for your transfer pricing documentation, this webinar will enable you to see how your solution may benchmark against the newest cloud technology.

 The main highlights of the webinar will include:

●          The core elements required for the automation of transfer pricing documentation, based on the implementation experience and best practices of Taxtimbre
●          The user-friendly forms, reports and workflow used for TP Documentation automation
●          How the broader platform capability can be used to connect external data sources to your transfer pricing documentation solution

To register for our webinar, please fill out the form below. We look forward to seeing you on the 2nd of February, 2021!


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