Our team provides benchmarking as a service directly to companies, or as a service to firms under your own brand.

With benchmarking, we search through third-party databases containing company data (including financial fundamentals) for independent companies performing similar functions, and in markets similar to the company being researched.
Our practice has a long track record experience with intercompany transaction benchmarking for:

  • Services
  • Sale or procurement 
  • Royalties
  • Intercompany financing/Interest rates

Although the general theory around benchmarking is simple, practice often proves that it is not that straightforward. Our experts can help you not only with performing the benchmarks, but also with putting them in context and identifying any particularities that should be taken into account. We can assist irrespective of whether the benchmark is for your company, or as a service to your firm, with the report prepared in line with your own branding.

Our experts go one step beyond a simple benchmark analysis, evaluating the context specific to your company, as well as identifying any particularities which may be relevant to the tested transaction(s).


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