Transfer Pricing Documentation

Master File and Local File

We believe simplicity works: keeping it simple improves the performance and agility of any team. 

Our transfer pricing documentation support stretches:

  • from managing your global TP projects on a traditional or automated way;
  • with our independent international transfer pricing network to
  • using a jointly selected TP documentation technology tool

In essence, we support in the preparation of your Transfer Pricing Documentation, at the level of assistance you require and using appropriate technology ONLY where it makes sense. We share our thoughts on software in general under  “Tax:Digital”.

Transfer Pricing documentation automation

Our TP documentation management solutions are designed to create and manage master files, local files and intercompany agreements. For an example on how we set up our TP Documentation solutions, join us for our Webinar on TP Documentation Automation in Workiva®, or you can watch an earlier webinar showcasing our TP Documentation solution in VENA® to have a brief idea of our approach to documentation automation. Please feel welcome to contact us to see a demonstration of the options you have, have a conversation about your vendor selection process, or simply talk about the possibilities our various solutions have to offer!

Which problems do we aim to fix?

  • Create a Single Source of Truth
  • Increase global company collaboration
  • A secure audit trail and repository (documents and communications)
  • Process-based quality of life improvements like minimizing duplication and “copy & paste” (increased efficiencies)
  • More coherent and consistent transfer pricing reports from a qualitative perspective

Accelerate your digital transformation by using TP documentation solutions for intelligent process automation, document creation, workflow monitoring, document review and approvals.

The automation of a Transfer Pricing Documentation process can be illustrated as follows:

Intercompany Agreements

Similar to transfer pricing reports, intercompany agreements have proven to be quite a challenge to manage. Amongst other things, it is labour-intensive, results in excessive lead times to finalize, and requires a herculean effort to work out signatories and get them actually signed. 

On the other hand, intercompany agreements are a hard requirement from a transfer pricing perspective by national governments. We help you drafting consistent and transfer pricing-savvy intercompany agreements.
When you are ready for automation, there are several proven legal related document management solutions accommodating:

  • Digitized templates: easy digitization of contracts with dropdown selections and other built-in logic to speed the drafting
  • Digital signing of documents;
  • A central repository of all signed documents

We can advise you on suitable platforms for your contractual needs, or create a bespoke solution for your enterprise.


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